Enter a hostname or IP address below to check the server's SSH capabilities:


This free SSH testing tool checks the configuration of given server accessible over internet. We don't ask you for any login or password, this service only returns information available during SSH handshake - notably supported encryption and MAC algorithms, and an overview of offered server public keys.

See an example here


2024-03-18: Terrapin vulnerability detection

2024-03-15: Technological update

2022-11-14: Technological update

2022-10-24: IPv6 support

2022-09-30: Support for multiple IPs per hostname

2022-07-25: Technological update

2020-10-06: Cache clearing support

2017-06-29: Adding support for rsa-sha2-256, rsa-sha2-512 and ssh-rsa-sha256@ssh.com keys.

2017-06-21: SshCheck should no longer crash when there is no common SSH algorithm between us and the queried server (as was the case with e.g. chacha20-poly1305).

2017-06-19: Please note that IPv6 queries are still not functional. We're trying to fix this. Another issue is querying servers with only chacha20-poly1305 and aes-gcm algorithms. We're working on that as well.

2017-06-16: Decreased cache expiry to 10 seconds. Reclassified security level of some algorithms.